Monday, September 28, 2009

Fashion Incubator-I♡U


Just wanted to post a link to the most informative garment production site on the planet! Have fun getting lost in all of the industry ins and outs! I learn something new everyday from the amazing Kathleen Fasanella and her team. Seriously...this is the place to go for technical questions about navigating the intense processes and serious jargon that is found in US manufacturing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garment Graffiti


Thomas Voorn, a Dutch Renaissance man/artist/designer makes Garment Graffiti. He leaves (his) clothes in public spaces transforming it into remarkable artistic urban signs, robust and fragile at the same time. As found on This man is terrific! Garment graffiti is the wave of the future! It works for me...aerosol cans are bad for the ozone and this for of graffiti is much easier to read.



Find the likes of this crochet gun artist, spitting silk worms and ghost haircuts that are to die for! Compiled for your pleasure by a sister on the east

have a look-see

.......thread monster pgf display
.........Dawn Sharp dress (don't look so serious Britt-your face might stick like that)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If you hear a buzzing noise...don't be alarmed, it's me

Portland Garment Factory was married to outer SE Stark and after a short honeymoon, is back with a renewed sense of self, wide eyed and eager to dig needles into thread and get some proverbial dirt under the nails if you know what I mean! 
The showroom has busied itself by making friends with Yokoo Knits, Stephanie Simek accessories and Dawn Sharp's clothing delights, among other things....she's very busy...