Thursday, July 7, 2011


After a lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere, your old pals at PGF are back! We have been absolutely up to our eyeballs in projects, events and general bad-assery, and are thrilled to have had so many great things to report. Since we last checked in, we have worked with so many amazing and creative people and have produced over 5500 garments!
We have worked with some lovely folks so far this year. We thank you for your support and salute you for choosing to produce your garments in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Makelike - Lemolo Bags - Josh Buck - Pilloporto - Alma - Canlis - Tutu & Betz - Dally Brand - She She - A Bird Baby - Girl & A Mouse - Poler - PreFresh - Vian Hunter - The Good Flock - Oddball - Sapling - Rio Wren - Lunette - RYZ - Bonfire - 8th of Judah - Dawn Sharp - Issac Hers - GEAR - JET - Sweetskins - Bridge and Burn - Nia - Blitzen - Cold Splinters - Jess Desbrow - Peri Ponchos


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