Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remember the babies

Sometimes when I look into the sweet eyes of a baby I get an overwhelming sensation that tells me this baby knows more than any one of us can imagine. Is it possible that babies are born with all the knowledge humans can hold? And rather than learning throughout life, we some how unlearn and then build it up age with age...like a reverse bell curve?
Well understand me or not, this notion is the inspiration behind my children's clothing line, Babooshka (Russian for gram'ma). Please peak at my website...I am dusting off the cobwebs of this little gem of a project and will have more items to add when the Portland Garment Factory Wearable Showroom opens!
xoxox child/gramma at heart, Britt

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  1. Is that Piper? This is such a cool picture - her face is so expressive and that hair is too adorable.