Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If you ship anywhere near as much as we do, please take a look! Click the link and let the EPA and DOT know how important cleaner trucks are!

Urge the EPA and DOT to Clean Up Our Nation's Trucks

Thanks to UCS supporters, packages across the country are now spreading the word that our nation’s trucks should get a whole lot cleaner. But now it’s time to share our Ship it Green! spirit with decision makers as well.

[object Object]The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) are currently accepting public comments on the first-ever national fuel economy and emissions regulations for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Please tell them that, from packages shipped to far away friends and family, to the abundance of goods that crisscross our country daily, we deserve a truck fleet that minimizes pollution and oil use.

Trucks account for only four percent of all the vehicles on our nation's roads, but they use 20 percent of our fuel. The technology already exists to make these vehicles cleaner, and everyone benefits when we have more efficient trucks on the roads—we get cleaner air and we can help break our dependence on oil.

So send a message to the EPA and DOT today!

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